Praise for the books

Changemaking is a superb resource that takes up where all the other change-related books ended--it's the book that should have come with all the other books."

Jim Shaffer, author of The Leadership Solution

"You'll know that you've gotten the most out of this practical, no-nonsense guide when your tattered, dog-eared copy is so full of yellow highlighted paragraphs, notes in the margins, and coffee stains that you can barely read it."

—Alan Feinberg, entrepreneur & corporate adviser

"Indispensable ideas, tools and guidance on the human side of change--including what not to do."

—Brian Grant, Chairman, MCN

A detailed guide to the practical aspects of organizational change. [The Changemaking Checklists ia a] coherent, concise look at the elements that go into new business initiatives.

—Kirkus Reviews

If you can imagine a bedtime story about cuddly dinosaurs, that's what Richard Bevan has created. Together with young illustrator Io Shepard, they've crafted a charming book that can be read to four- or five-year-olds or that a slightly older (6-8) new reader can manage on her own. The frequent questions and asides in the text will draw the listeners and readers in to the action-filled story. These brave young dinosaurs have thrilling adventures! The Hidden Triceratops is a great introduction to that ancient world.
—Meredith Phillips, Perseverance Press publisher and author of The Child's Peninsula

For young dinosaur enthusiasts who want a longer read-aloud, The Hidden Triceratops is a fun mix of fact and fiction. And with colorful artwork from a talented twelve-year-old, other young artists are sure to be inspired.
—Sara Nickerson, author of The Secrets of Blueberries, Brothers, Moose & Me; and Last Meeting of the Gorilla Club.