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ChangeStart Press is the publisher – among other titles – of Richard Bevan's two books on the management of change,

Changemaking and The Changemaking Checklists.

Other publications include:

We celebrate a diversity of characters, topics and titles. On this site you can find a toolkit of resources related to change management and leadership. These include downloadable articles, and material excerpted from the books. We hope you find the content interesting and helpful. Please contact us at if you have questions, want to provide feedback and ideas, or request a discount for academic or other group sales.

Just published:

The Tangled Pteranodon by Richard Bevan, illustrated by Bill Greaves.

Garth Stein (author of The Art of Racing in the Rain) wrote about the first book in the series, The Hidden Triceratops: "The drawings are marvelous, the story charming . . . author Richard Bevan cleverly brings to life a dinosaur-eat-dinosaur world in a safe and enjoyable way for children, who will delight at this book."

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