About the Books


Changemaking ($18.95) provides practical, ready-to-use guidance on managing change within organizations. It includes a variety of proven tools and methods that can be adapted and applied to many different management challenges. These include keeping change on track, refocusing derailed change efforts, conducting stakeholder research, and building the business case for change. Each section includes a variety of tools and resources that can be adapted for immediate use in many different contexts. These include process summaries, talking points, checklists, agendas and samples of frequently asked questions (FAQs) with responses.

The Changemaking Checklists

The Changemaking Checklists ($14.95) provides a variety of additional resources to assist in creating and managing change within organizations. As well as checklists, these include lists of pitfalls, suggested tactics, planning frameworks, and talking points. The book is a companion to Changemaking and can be used without reference to that volume; but those seeking additional guidance and tools will find them there.The book includes sections on each of the seven factors in Richard Bevan's change management framework, as well as additional content dealing with web-based collaboration tools.

Bosses: True Stories of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Bosses ($14.95) tells the  story of colliding business forces—a radically changing workplace that demands talented bosses who can nurture talent and foster innovation.

Here you will meet a menagerie of bad and ugly bosses. But you will also hear about exemplary bosses and CEOs who lead with concern and sensitivity.  Underlying it all is an analysis of why the issue of boss competence is so urgent in a world where company assets ride the elevators. You can also see how you measure up to today’s leadership demands by filling out an eye-opening Rate Your Boss questionnaire.

The Galley Slave's Handbook

The Galley Slave's Handbook ($9.95) draws on the experience of a 2010 transatlantic crossing (St.Lucia to the Azores) in Neroli of Fowey, a Hallberg Rassy 42. In charge of food and the blog, the author learned many lessons about provisioning for a voyage of moderate duration, and about cooking at sea. The book provides guidance and ideas on planning for a similar voyage. It includes a detailed list of provisions as well as recipes adapted for seagoing use. Excerpts from Neroli’s blog (with special reference to those about food) provide additional insights into the workings of the galley. The Excel provisioning list can be downloaded here.